An elderly Spanish lady has been dubbed Donald Trump's doppleganger after a photo of her went viral.

Journalist Paula Vázquez had been working on an article about how farmers deal with storms, according to Newsweek.

She spoke to Dolores Leis Antelo, who lives on a farm in Cabana de Bergantinos, took a picture of the elderly lady and posted it on instagram.

Vasquez told the Spanish publication Faro de Vigo that she hadn’t realised the resemblance between Trump and Antelo.

People online did.

See for yourself.

This is Dolores Leis Antelo:

And this, as you know, is the US president:

Picture: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I mean...

For her part, Dolores seems to like her new found internet fame. She told La Vos de Galacia:

My photo seems to have travelled far. I say it is because of the colour of my hair.

She added:

I have never been curious to have one but I do look at what my daughters show me. They say this picture will make me famous but I don’t get why.




Her daughter was much more excited, and said:

Imagine if we were in Donald Trump’s family!

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