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Are you sitting comfortably? Because what we are about to tell you might shock you to the very foundations of your soul.

The four common colours that you associate with the plant (red, orange, yellow and green) are all the same vegetable at different stages of ripeness.

Yes, that's right. Despite what the supermarkets might tell you they are all, in fact, the same fruit (peppers are actually a berry) and people are only just discovering this.

This is thanks to a viral tweet from style and lifestyle blogger Amy Eade who made this landmark discovery on September 11.

Since then her tweet has been shared over 53,000 times and people have been losing their collective minds over this fact.

Apparently, this is all down to the vine and would explain why the red ones are the sweetest.

However, experts in botany have disputed this claim and basically said that it's not true whatsoever as yellow, red and orange peppers are genetically different.

Botanist James Wong is here to explain.

That's a lot of information to take in.

I apologise for ruining your understanding of time, space and reality.

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