Hello, it’s indy100 again, with just another example of a man on the internet telling women how to manage their periods. Sigh.

Yes, a man, who (last time we checked) doesn't experience menstruation, took to Twitter to complain about people who say they are not able to afford sanitary products.

Responding to the news that the Welsh government will be offering free sanitary products to school girls in a bid to tackle poverty distress, Marcus Stead wrote:

Can we please stop all this nonsense about people not being able to 'afford' to give their children breakfast or sanitary products? A bag of porridge to feed a family for a week costs £1. 3 packs of sanitary towels cost £1 in Home Bargains.

It's safe to say that Stead's ignorant comment wasn't met with a lot of praise.

On a different note, others were highly unimpressed by his presumption to understand poverty as well.

Whether men think they're doing women a favour by calculating how many tampons they need each year, or out-mansplaining themselves as they try to mansplain vaginas, it is clear that they just need to stop. Period.

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