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The #PersonaChallenge has been taking over the internet.

The “challenge” is inspired by K-pop band BTS and isbased on the song “Intro: Persona”. To celebrate the band's return, fans have been sharing photos from 2013, alongside recent photos, to display the impact that the band have had on their lives. It's similar to the "10 year challenge", which trended earlier this year.

Here’s some examples:

BBC channel BBC Minute, which highlights “Stories of the bold and brilliant people shaking up our world”, recently uploaded a photo-set of impactful Persona Challenges.

But there was one glaring problem with the now-deleted post.

BuzzFeed journalist Ikran Dahir’s “challenge” throwback was selected as part of the photo-set. Though the reporter noticed that the recent photo was of another black woman and did not match the throwback.

Here’s the original, which went viral on Twitter.

And here’s a screengrab of the final version uploaded to the BBC’s Instagram.

Even more embarrassingly, the mixed up photo was accompanied by text which read:

So proud of the woman I am today.


Twitter users weren’t impressed with the BBC’s error.

indy100 contacted the BBC for comment, a spokesperson responded:

This was a mistake for which we apologise. A corrected version will be posted.

The spokesperson did not reveal how the error was made.

Following indy100's comment request, Dahir tweeted to say that the BBC had apologised to her personally.

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