People are roasting PETA for sharing an anti-dairy 'sexy cow' image


PETA: where did it all go wrong?

That’s the question we find ourselves asking often, when the animal welfare group takes to social media to whip up a storm. PETA’s latest tweet to send the internet into a frenzy - not long after it compared dairy drinkers to white supremacists and animal idioms to racism - involves bestiality.

Because, at this point, why not?

Well, plenty of reasons really. But that didn’t stop the controversial group from doing it anyway, tweeting out an image of man sucking on a cow’s "breasts".

The actual image is even more hideous than the description lets on. PETA described it as “weird”, but that’s clearly an understatement.

While there’s obviously a legitimate debate to be had about the dairy industry and the ethics of consuming dairy and meat, PETA’s intervention backfired badly.

People roasted them for the bizarre, sexualised image.

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