<p>YouTuber and Dance Mom’s star JoJo Siwa supports the name change</p>

YouTuber and Dance Mom’s star JoJo Siwa supports the name change

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An online petition that calls for the Ronald Reagan Airport - named after the former president - to be renamed after dancer and YouTuber, JoJo Siwa now has over 50,000 signatures.

The petition called “Rename Ronald Reagan Airport to JoJo Siwa Washington National Airport” was created on Change.org by Dylan Long around a month ago.

What was the reason for this bizarre request?

In the details section of the petition, Long wrote: “Why on earth is there an airport named after this war criminal?”

Definitely not a fan the former Republican president then.

As it stands, the petition has over 53,700 signature and the number is still rising.

A screenshot of the Change.org petitionChange.org

A few supporters of the cause left a comment stating their reasons for backing the cause.

One person wrote: “Ronald Reagan rigged the economy for the rich and screwed over everyone else. Jojo Siwa was on Dance Mom’s and I like her better. Plus she’s gay”

“Ronald Regan is dead and not gay. Jojo is alive and gay. She also got yelled at by abby lee miller, she can handle anything,” another person commented.

Someone else said: “Jojo Siwa is a role model for young girls, promotes self expression and freedom, and performs an infinitely more valuable service to the people of the United States then Reagan ever did.”

“I just want to get the experience of landing and having the pilot say “welcome to JoJo Siwa International Airport,” a fourth person said.

Since the cause has gained momentum, JoJo herself has even responded to the petition and is a supporter of the name change.

TMZ asked Siwa if she had seen the online petition, she responded: “Hell yeah there is! JoJo Siwa Airport, it’s pretty sick.”

“Are you on board with it?” the reporter asks.

“Of course I’m on board with it, that would be the sickest thing ever!”

She added: “Imagine, I would take every flight out of there.”

So has anyone been in contact with Siwa about it?

“My mum did [told me], she told me to go sign the petition,” she laughed.

The 17-year-old goes on to describe the name change as “the best idea I’ve ever heard in my life.”

It seems she could brush up on her knowledge of the 40th US President though, when asked if she knew much about him, she joked: “Yes, was that convincing? I know he’s got an airport.”

With the signatures rising and Siwa backing the campaign, we could all be travelling through JoJo Siwa Washington National Airport real soon.

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