Dimo Trifonov is the founder of dating app Feeld, whose tagline is:

Meet kinky, curious and open-minded couples and singles.

It encourages users to “open up one’s mind to experiences and curiosities”.

And now, Trifonov has launched a much more subtle way for people to hook up for sex. It’s still on your phone – but it’s not a dating app.

It is, in fact, phone wallpaper.

Feeld wallpapers can be used by iOS and Android users to show others that you’re sexually open and ready to mingle.

They look like this:

Picture: Picture: Feeld

Picture: Picture: Feeld

Picture: Picture: Feeld

Just a cheeky flash (of your phone) and you could save yourself hours of swiping.

It states on the Feeld website:

Secret wallpapers are designed to bring people together without even opening Feeld.

If you spot one of these wallpapers out in the wild it means you share same mindset.

So go forth and copulate, if so inclined.

Just make sure you have a good excuse as to why you were staring at a stranger's phone.

HT The Memo

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