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Piers Morgan has accused Marks & Spencer of 'virtue signalling' for their new LGBT+ sandwich, which the store has launched in celebration of Pride.

The sandwich, which has already divided opinions, was released to raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity which helps the young LGBT+ homeless and the BeLong to Youth Services, an LGBT+ charity helping young people in Ireland.

Morgan, who is no stranger to causing controversy for controversy's sake, accuses M&S of releasing the sandwich in order to make a profit and branded them as 'truly pathetic'.

Morgan who has recently objected to M&S making their Percy Pig sweets fully vegetarian probably didn't read the underside of the sandwiches packaging where the donations to charity were explained.

Luckily for him, the M&S Twitter account was on hand to explain this fact.

This didn't stop Morgan going on a miniature rant about the sandwich.

He then asked M&S when they plan on releasing a 'white male straight' sandwich option?

This completely clueless rant was soon put to bed by pop star Boy George who put him in his place.

Luckily, he seemed to see the funny side of things.

Others weren't so forgiving on the Good Morning Britain presenter.

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