Bad news: Piers Morgan is sick.

According to a tweet posted by the Good Morning Britain host, he’s experiencing a “mild symptom” of Covid-19 and won’t be appearing on the show until he’s been given the all clear.

Doubtless this will come as a relief to politicians, for whom Morgan has been a surprising thorn in their side during the coronavirus pandemic.

The journalist has been relentless in holding them to account on testing failures, their slow response to the pandemic and has even questioned how high ranking politicians managed to get their family tested when they were presenting with few symptoms.

But now the tables have turned, as the public have turned the spotlight on Morgan himself.

Many are asking how he managed to acquire a test within 48 hours.

Of course if the testing infrastructure had been properly set up, this would not seem abnormal.

And it’s likely Morgan used the government’s new self-referral tool to book a drive through test.

But without confirmation, people are (rightly) wondering if Morgan’s privilege didn’t play a part.

He’s been called a “hypocrite”.

And “two-faced”.

An account claiming to be from an NHS worker slammed him.

However, some defended him, pointing out that technically, Piers is classed as a “key worker” (it’s true).

It probably won’t save Morgan from the baying mob – as he’s well aware of, once whipped up, the tide is hard to turn.

Perhaps he should have taken the Morgan family motto with more heed.

“One day you're the cock of the walk, the next you're the feather duster”.

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