Piers Morgan just revealed what Trump smells like up close and it's not what you'd imagine

Piers Morgan just revealed what Trump smells like up close and it's not what you'd imagine
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Have you ever wondered what Donald Trump smells like?

No? Well, Piers Morgan's got you covered regardless.

In a Guardian interview, the president's "frenemy" revealed that Trump smells like:

Quite expensive aftershave ... not overly done, just a light, gentle aroma. 

You imagine he'd smell like some flamboyant nightclub owner in the 70s, but he doesn't. 

What about the hair he reportedly spent $70,000 on while hosting The Apprentice?

You get a whiff of hairspray, ’cause it is permanently coiffured.

Morgan went on to claim that, aside from his meticulous approach to personal grooming, Trump is "obsessive" about cleanliness.

He's actually a germaphobe. If you coughed, it was like you'd got the plague and out would come the Purell and he wouldn't shake hands with people. He was obsessive about it. 

Then, when he gets hit by a real killer virus, he treats it like a bloody casual load of nonsense. I don't get that. 

Trump has repeatedly downplayed coronavirus's severity, both on himself and on people in general.

He left the Walter Reed Medical Centre where he was being treated with the virus to drive-by his supporters, and later described the illness as a "blessing from God". He has also repeatedly likened coronavirus to the common flu, despite allegedly privately acknowledging that it is much more deadly.

Trump has admitted to being a 'germaphobe' before.

The president noted that "I'm very much a germaophobe, by the way" in 2017 while apparently responding to unsubstantiated claims that he took part in "perverted sexual acts" in a Moscow hotel room. He told Howard Stern the same thing in 1993, explaining to the radio host that he washes his hands "as many times as possible" each day.

Trump reportedly asked White House visitors to wash their hands on entering the building long before the coronavirus pandemic. He would also use hand sanitiser after shaking guests's hands and "scowl" at anyone coughed or sneezed.

As Morgan pointed out, Trump's preoccupation with cleanliness is somewhat ironic given his attitude towards coronavirus. Trump has swung between two extremes while attempting to deal with the pandemic, variously suggesting to Americans that injecting disinfectant is a possible cure and reassuring them that the virus will simply "disappear".

Trump has ploughed on with in-person rallies and speaker engagements despite the possibility he could still be infectious. He has also refused to take part in a virtual presidential debate against Joe Biden, claiming that it would "waste my time".

Trump may have been ahead of the curve on hand sanitiser, but he's not using his premonition to any kind of advantage now.

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