Piers Morgan calls Greggs' vegan steak bake 'a con' and says 'nation has become lemmings'

Piers Morgan calls Greggs' vegan steak bake 'a con' and says 'nation has become lemmings'

Piers Morgan loves nothing more than complaining about what he thinks other people should eat, especially when it's not meat or food masquerading as meat.

In his first appearance on Good Morning Britain of 2020 the broadcaster and journalist went on a rant about Gregg's new steak bake product, which is completely vegan.

Morgan, who has previously vented about vegan sausage rolls, decided to rant about the item because he believed that vegan or vegetarian food shouldn't have the same name as cuts of meat.

The 54-year-old said:

It’s not a steak. ​If you Google steak, a steak is a cut of meat or fish, it’s not vegan or vegetarian.

That is a steak, this is not. This is actually meat and they should not be using meat terminology to sell non-meat products.

It’s a total con, you lot are all falling for it. There were queues around the block at some Greggs in Newcastle, probably all people who’d been paid to be there.

You’re all falling for it. Salt-laden… garbage. There’s nothing virtuous about the Greggs steak bake. The nation's become a nation of lemmings.

Morgan's co-star, Susanna Reid argued that nobody was being conned by Greggs but did add that calling it a steak was perhaps incorrect.

She did also add that that it wasn't anywhere near as unhealthy as Morgan has made out and that is was doing some good for animals.

People aren’t eating them because they’re good for you. People are eating them because they’re good for animals.

Morgan's rant proved to be predictably divisive on Twitter.

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