Is there no one that Piers Morgan can't offend with his awful hot takes?

Yesterday he managed to get in an uproar after seeing a picture of James Bond actor Daniel Craig carrying his own baby.

How he managed to feel somehow threatened by this picture is a little confusing but his views on masculinity prompted a lot of responses.

Some of those that replied included Chris 'Captain America' Evans, Nick Offerman and Griffin Newman, who all took the journalist and TV presenter to task.

The dust seemed to be settling on this debate but it has just been reignited by former WWE wrestler; Edge.

The now-retired star, real name Adam Copeland, posted a picture of himself with his kids, whilst he was wearing a dress inspired by Elsa from Frozen.

In the caption, he asked Morgan if he found this 'emasculating' or if it made him 'uncomfortable'.

44-year-old Copeland, who is a former 11-time world champion, and despite once being known as the Rated-R Superstar, isn't known for weighing into these type of debates.

So, the fact that he chose to mock Morgan was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm.

Edge's post did get a response from Morgan who told the Canadian to 'get a grip buddy.'

We can see it now:

Edge vs. Piers Morgan at Wrestlemania in a 'Loser Wears a Dress Match'.

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