Piers Morgan said that Daniel Craig had been 'emasculated' for carrying his daughter - the response he got was perfect

We all know that Piers Morgan has a weird conflict with his own masculinity, but his latest take on manhood could be his most ridiculous.

Yesterday, he tweeted a picture of James Bond actor Daniel Craig carrying his own daughter in a baby carrier or papoose, complete with the caption:

Oh 007...not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond

We have no idea why Morgan, a father of four, would feel threatened by this image, but he clearly believes that carrying a child is a not something a man should be doing - especially James Bond (who he seems to believe is a real person).

Morgan's tweet soon started to gain a lot of attention and the majority of people profoundly disagreed with what he said, as Craig was doing what any decent father would do; look after his child.

There were plenty of jokes to be made at Morgan's expense.

Even Chris 'Captain America' Evans weighed into the conversation - and you know your take is bad when a bona fide Avenger is telling you to leave your opinion at the door.

Then something wonderful started to happen. Men started to post pictures of them carrying their own babies following a request by writer Nicole Cliffe.

Amazingly, Morgan managed to remain as belligerent as ever and even proposed that he should be the next Bond.

Of course, this is probably part of Morgan's grand scheme to get everyone to talk about him, so maybe think twice about engaging with his hot takes.

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