Piers Morgan just dismantled Michael Gove in a matter of minutes live on air
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Even as the first Covid-19 vaccinations were underway this week, that didn’t stop Piers Morgan from interrogating Michael Gove about the UK government’s handling of the pandemic.

On Wednesday morning, the Good Morning Britain host got into a heated debate with the Chancellor of the Duchy – especially when discussing the numerous Covid-related deaths in Britain, and questions around herd immunity.

“How is it that Germany has had less than a third of the number of deaths that we’ve suffered?” Morgan forcefully asked Gove.

Gove began to discuss “looking at a range of factors”, when Morgan interrupted, “apart from the fact that we’re an island and could have locked ourselves down, in a way Germany couldn’t – tell me one thing... about Germany that would mean they have less than a third of our deaths?”

Looking somewhat uncomfortable, Gove responded, “Uh, they have less population density than we do.”

Later when discussing ‘herd immunity’, Morgan accused Gove of contradicting himself as “following the science but not listening to the science.”

“I’d actually respect everyone in this Government if they came out and said we made a series of mistakes,” Morgan said, referencing Sir Patrick Vallance’s initial plan back in March for herd immunity during the pandemic. (The plan was later widely criticised). 

After a lot of speaking over each other, Gove replied, "But I think it’s also the case that it’s important to clarify that the UK Government was never pursuing herd immunity.

Piers shot back Gove for denying Vallance’s claim, insisting it “wouldn’t survive in a public enquiry.”

People across Twitter were impressed with Morgan’s interviewing style, calling it a “masterclass” and a line of “excellent questioning”.

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