Piers Morgan called on the Queen to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their titles for disregarding royal neutrality to "dump on Trump".

Morgan wrote in The Daily Mail that, although the couple didn't endorse Joe Biden explicitly in a new video urging Americans to vote, it's "crystal clear whose side they're on".

In the video for TIME magazine, Markle said:

Every four years we are told the same thing: that this is the most important election of our lifetime. But this one is. When we vote our values are put into action and our voices are heard.

Prince Harry then added:

As we approach this November, it's vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity.

The pair didn't endorse any candidate or even mention Trump.

But Morgan is not the only one to have interpreted this sentiment as being anti-Trump.

The president himself apparently took offence, commenting at a press conference that he's "not a fan" of Meghan Markle.

He added:

I wish a lot of luck to Harry 'cause he's gonna need it.

The royal family do not vote and are expected to refrain from publicly expressing their political opinions. This is to support the Queen who has to remain politically neutral as the British head of state.

Of course, Harry and Meghan stepped down from their duties as senior royals earlier this year. But they retain several royal titles: Harry, who is sixth in line to the throne, remains Prince of Wales, the Duke of Sussex, the Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel. Markle is the Duchess of Sussex, Countess of Dumbarton and Baroness Kilkeel.

As such, Morgan accused the couple of being "brazenly partisan" and crossing "a massive line which should now have serious consequences".

But not everyone agrees, firstly that Harry and Meghan should have to remain impartial and secondly that they weren't in the first place.

If Trump interprets criticism of "hate speech" and "misinformation" as being a personal attack, surely that's on him?

Prince Harry and particularly Meghan Markle are accused of violating royal neutrality a lot, despite the fact they haven't endorsed any particular politician. And if they did, they'd hardly be alone in doing so: Prince Charles handed memos on government policy to ministers and even the Queen allegedly shared an opinion on Brexit in 2016 (this was denied, though).

So perhaps they did cross a line, and perhaps they didn't. But Britain's collective obsession with what they say and do sure does seem to outstrip our interest in what our other royals get up to.

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