Piers Morgan makes tone-deaf comment on gender amid Brexit chaos


It is safe to say that among all the Brexit drama, Twitter has been going pretty wild.

So it comes as no surprise that Piers Morgan also had to contribute to the discussion with yet another, irrelevant, and tone-deaf comment relating specifically to gender.

In the early hours of the morning, the Good Morning Britain presenter tweeted:

Britain is in total disarray & needs a proper leader. Who IS that man, woman....... or gender fluid person?

It seems that Morgan, who has repeatedly used the platform to rant about gender-fluid, non-binary or transgender people, has a strange obsession with insulting the community.

Let us not forget about the time he bullied Caitlyn Jenner after her reassignment surgery. Or when he accused L'Oreal trans model Munroe Bergdorf of "playing the victim". You get the point.

But don't fret! Because the controversial presenter followed up his tweet with his personal solution to the Brexit leadership problem, writing:

What Britain needs is a strong PM. I’m available.

To which, as you can imagine, he got some pretty funny responses.

Some were all for the idea.

Even noticing a little coincidence.

While others believed other leaders would be more fit for the position.

Then, there were those who clearly took it as a joke.

And finally, the majority thought it was just a straight-up hilarious proposition.

In the midsts of Transgender Awareness Week, with Trans Day of Remembrance coming up on Tuesday, Morgan's comments continue to be insensitive to a broader issue that has only recently been given more attention.

For the sake of everyone, let us therefore hope that he will finally lay his thoughts on gender to rest.

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