Piers Morgan called millennials 'soft' and the internet shut him down

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 30 December 2016 12:00

Sometimes you have to wonder, does Piers Morgan actively try and make the general public insult him on Twitter?

His latest attempt has gone pretty well all things considered.

Morgan tweeted:

Can you imagine if social media existed during WW2? This generation is so absurdly soft by comparison to my grandparents' era. Toughen up!

And people, of course, had a few things to point out.

And remind him that there are still wars being fought.

Some people have called him out on his contradictions.

And reminded Morgan of the time he was working as editor of the Daily Mirror, when the paper published fake photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi.

And they reminded him of the time he called a woman a "slapper" for taking a naked selfie.

And when he kicked off about a Beyonce song.

Morgan got a bit of a history lesson.

And a lesson in current affairs.

These tweets pretty much sum up the rest of it.

Update: Morgan has, in a move of complete ignorance to irony, responded:

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