Pilot becomes a hero after safely delivering a baby mid-flight

Pilot becomes a hero after safely delivering a baby mid-flight
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A pilot has become a surprise hero after leaving the cockpit mid-flight to deliver a passenger’s baby.

Pilots and flight attendants often have to be prepared for the unexpected to happen, like a passenger sending nudes to others onboard or having to fly the plane through a literal hurricane.

Recently, a pilot on a VietJet plane rushed into action after a pregnant woman went into labour on his plane during the journey from Taipei in Taiwan to Bangkok in Thailand.

According to the New York Post, the pilot of 18 years and father of one, Jakarin Sararnrakskul, safely delivered the newborn after he was informed by the cabin crew of the emergency unfolding in one of the plane’s bathrooms.

Sararnrakskul was piloting the plane, but left it in the hands of his co-pilot to leave the cockpit and tend to the situation.

The passenger was in active labour and Sararnrakskul was by her side to safely deliver the child while the plane was thousands of feet in the air.

Thankfully, all involved were safe and were greeted by paramedics on the ground when they landed at their destination. The crew nicknamed the baby “Sky” after its place of birth.

It comes after a pilot who served 32 years at American Airlines has gone viral for his emotional speech as he celebrated his final flight to Chicago.

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