A viral video someone 'correctly' eating a pineapple upside down has broken the internet

Tick Tock/ Twitter

Out of all the fruits that are out there, few are more difficult to eat than a pineapple.

Sure, kiwi fruits are pretty messy and pomegranates are a bit of a handful but the pineapple is pretty infuriating.

Firstly they are huge, covered in sharp points and require a real effort to actually cut into and get any decent chunks out of.

Yet, it would appear that for years, no... decades, no... centuries, that we have been eating pineapples all wrong and unbeknown to us we've actually been waiting for a wonder life hack to end years of pineapple based woes.

Thanks to a TickTock video, which shows someone literally peeling an upside down pineapple with absolute ease, the internet is now questioning everything that they ever knew about the universe.

Others have since been trying out this method and wouldn't you believe it but it actually works.

Alas, it hasn't worked for everyone which would suggest that the pineapple needs to be at a certain ripeness before it can be properly consumed.

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