People think Trump's response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting is his lowest point yet

From Hurricane Maria to Charlottesville and high school shootings, president Trump's responses to horrific events have frequently drawn criticism.

After the news broke that a gunman had opened fire in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, the president's reaction has been widely condemned.

If they had protection inside, the results would have been far better

That's what the president said after learning about the shooting, in which the gunman allegedly shouted that Jews "need to die". The decision to pander to what is essentially a talking point from the National Rifle Association - that the answer to gun violence is everyone having more guns - has caused a huge reaction.

Many accused him of shifting the blame to the victims, because the thought of anyone having a gun at a baby naming ceremony - the occasion which was targetted by the gunman - is strange to many who don't understand America's obsession with guns. Of course it is not a place of worship's responsibility to arm itself against people with automatic weapons, and the gunman injured three armed police officers.

Though Trump did send out a tweet as the events unfolded.

But nevertheless, Twitter users condemned Trump's choice of words and the chilling insinuation behind them.

Trump's remarks come as the attack is confirmed as the deadliest attack on Jewish people in the history of America.

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