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Unless you've actually been inside Trump Tower in New York, it's rather difficult to get a true feel for the place.

We all know of course that there is a gold plated lift and a penthouse, that isn't quite as big as Mr Trump says it is.

There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and ice cream parlours, which serve all kinds of food and drink.

You can also grab a pizza there - after all it is New York.

But when you see the pizza on offer, you might want to grab some food elsewhere.

It looks like someone smeared cheese and tomato puree over a stale tortilla wrap.

Politico writer and White House reporter Annie Karni shared the image on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

As you can guess, the replies were not very complimentary:

At least Katherine Miller of BuzzFeed could vouch for the Trump Tower salads.

You're probably now wondering how much a pizza like this costs - this is Trump tower after all.

Well, a trip over to the pizza oven section of the Trump Tower website shows that a standard margherita will set you back $11.50.

That is only for one person though, and the website doesn't detail how big it is either.

Really, what did you expect from someone who eats a pizza like this?

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