Poland wants to ban abortion and this woman's sign sums it all up

Natalia Jendrzejek/Facebook

Thousands of women around the world have been protesting against a ban on abortion in Poland this week.

The existing law from 1993 states that abortion is banned except in cases where the woman's life is in danger, the fetus is irreparably damaged or the pregnancy results from rape or incest.

However, a new proposal, currently under the examination of a parliamentary commission, would make all abortions illegal and punishable by a prison sentence both for the patient and the doctor.

On Monday, across 60 cities in Poland, government offices, universities and schools closed as women donned dark-coloured clothes to signify mourning for a loss of reproductive rights.

Protests took place in other countries in Europe, such as outside the Polish embassy in Paris, France.

One person's sign from that particular demonstration has captured the interest of social media.

The earliest images we've found of this woman were posted online on Sunday.

This particular sign has been capturing a fair amount of interest, being reshared for the caption on it:

A quick Google search will tell you that this is a relatively common and popular protest sign. But still, it appears that in the case of Poland's ongoing row over abortion, it's struck a new chord.

The proposal for the stricter law came from an anti-abortion citizens' initiative that had gathered 450,000 signatures.

The ruling party, the conservative Law and Justice (Pis) party holds a majority in parliament, but it is unclear at present if they will push the bill through.

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