The adorable moment police find missing dog by checking if it sings along to its favourite song

YWN/ YouTube/ Screengrab

Police have managed to locate a missing dog in Israel by checking if it sings along to its favourite song.

The Siberian Husky had been reported missing by its owner in the city of Beer Sheva, in the Southern District of Israel.

His owner insisted to police that they would be able to easily identify the dog if they played it the theme tune to Israeli sitcom Shemesh or the children's animation Arthur, the latter of which is a fine song in our humble opinion.

After they were informed by a group of teenagers about a malnourished dog that had been found in a field, the authorities went to investigate.

Believing that it may be the dog, they contacted its owner to see if he would be willing to drive over and see if it was the dog for himself.

However, the owner said that wouldn't be necessary as all they would have to do is play one of the two aforementioned songs to see if the pooch would react.

So, with a smartphone, they played the theme to Shemesh and the dog lets out a loud and prolonged howl, which would have been unmistakable to the owner.

The dog and the owner later had an emotional reunion which you can see in the video below.

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