This man lost his eye after being struck by police tear gas canister while protesting in Indiana
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Protests around the US have escalated in the last week after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, in Minneapolis.

On social media, protesters and journalists have shared images and footage of what’s been happening around the USA at these protests. One image was of Balin Brake, who seemed to have his eye ruptured after protesting in Indiana.

An image posted on social media (TW: injury) shows Brake with a wound and bleeding out of his eye. He confirmed that it was him in a follow up tweet, and said that he was having surgery the following day.

Brake followed up with a tweet the day after to confirm that he had lost his eye, and that he may have to have surgery for broken bones in his face.

The Police Department in Fort Wayne circulated a statement saying that while they were aware of a male protester being injured, they believed it was because he was picking up a tear gas canister to throw back at the police.

Brake disputed this on social media.

He also pointed out that there was video footage, at some distance, proving his version of events.

Unfortunately, Brake isn’t the only person to have lost an eye in this way during this weekend.

Journalist Linda Tirado, said on Twitter that she would be permanently blind in one eye after police fired a rubber bullet into her face. Other footage and images have emerged of police tear gassing and arresting protesters and journalists.

On Twitter, Brake said: “This pales in comparison to the hardships African Americans have endured for decades. Stand up for what u believe in.”

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