We have no idea how much polluted air we're breathing

Louis Dor
Wednesday 01 March 2017 16:45
Picture:(GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

People around the UK underestimate the impact of air pollution in their area, a survey has found.

Two thirds of respondents to the Friends of the Earth survey said they were concerned about air pollution, the Guardian reported.

Only one in 10 people said the air they breathed was bad.

Government statistics, however, show that out of 42 UK air quality zones, 38 breach the legal limits for pollution.

Legal limits for air pollution were set up as high levels of toxins have been linked to heart disease, lung cancer, athsma and poor lung development in infants.

Oliver Hayes, a Friends of the Earth air pollution campaigner, told the Guardian:

Whilst Londoners are starting to understand the air pollution crisis, in part due to welcome attention from politicians and the media, outside of the capital it’s a very different story.

You can view the latest Daily Pollution index for your region on the Defra website.

Alternatively, you can see the real time Air Quality Index Visual Map:


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