Rapper Post Malone is seriously claiming he's seen 'aliens and UFOs' more than once

Post Malone has confirmed he is a rare breed by claiming to have spotted a few aliens “on more than one occasion”.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a UFO... according to the eccentric rapper.

Spotting ET’s family members and their mode of transport, not just once but three times, is such a rare treat that most people may struggle to believe a word Posty is saying.

In an interview with Joe Rogan this week, the rapper confirmed his first experience involved a light in the sky.

He said:

I was probably 16. I was in upstate New York. My aunt and uncle were very strict, and we had to go to bed at very strict deadline — probably 10 pm. 

I was looking out the window with my cousin and it’s just a light that just stays there and then just f***ing goes off … I mean, it just, whoosh. You can’t explain it.

During the conversation, Rogan dared express his scepticism and questioned how strong Post’s memory was of the event with the artist saying it was “medium strong”.

Some of you may even like to take a moment to point out that he may have actually just seen a plane, or a shooting star.

But before you let your doubts kick-off, take a moment to listen to another experience he had in Utah, where he lives, as well as in LA.

When he lived in Tarzana, LA, Post said, he saw what looked like: “a classic forcefield … it’s kind of like a dome in a circular shape.”

He said:

I’m like, ‘How did no one else see this?’ But I was there with like four other fucking people, and they saw it too.

There you have it, Posty the alien spotter.

Right now it may be difficult to understand why aliens would want to visit planet Earth, you know with the pandemic and all, but Posty is not alone and might be on to something with his “medium strong” memory.

After 16 years of secrecy, the Pentagon has released footage of UFOs in April which has made many ask, for the millionth time: are we really alone in the universe? Or are aliens already among us?

For years, these questions have divided scientists, sci-fi fans and conspiracy theorists. Although many explanations have been put forward for why we haven’t met aliens yet, none have been completely convincing or universally accepted.

We just have to wait for Posty's alien friends to show face again but to all of us. A global TV broadcast would do.

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