This man's prank on a takeaway and a video store is going viral

Picture: Screenshot / YouTube
Picture: Screenshot / YouTube
Screenshot / YouTube

Let's face it - prank calls are a bit 90s. They're what we did to amuse ourselves before the internet.

But they could be making about to make a comeback following this outstanding example.

Jackson ODoherty, a so-called 'Australian social media entertainer', broke the mould with a mashup of two prank calls at the same time.

Two calls, one prank.

First, he calls a Chinese restaurant for a takeaway, and says he'll put his brother on the phone so he can place his order.

Then, he calls a Blockbuster video store, and says he'll put his mum on the phone so she can ask a question about a film.

Then he puts the two together and magic happens.

"Honey chicken? You want honey chicken?"

"There is a movie called Chicken Run, is that what you're after? There's a Chicken Little..."

While we're not entirely convinced that the Blockbuster video store clerk is legit, we're prepared to suspend our disbelief.

Although, not everyone shared that reaction. Some people pointed out that this might not have been so funny for the two employees...

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