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That is assuming they are not in the next round of firing.

The Trump Administration has been haemorrhaging top staffers. Michael Flynn, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, Anthony Scaramucci, and most recently Steve Bannon, were all the President's men, until they fell from favour.

High profile figures who remain however, – such as members of the President's cabinet, and his inner circle of advisors – have their reasons for staying.

Following the President's apparent defence of white supremacists following the attack in Charlottesville, Axios writer Mike Allen spoke to anonymous White House staffers, and summarised their reasons for staying in an administration with which they have serious disagreements.

You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill.

Apparently, the ideas which seem unlike any to come from past administrations, are the ones which are the least out there.

General Mattis needs us.

Mattis, the US Defence Secretary, and Marine Corp General, has a loyal following which keeps many staffers in the administration. According to Allen, loyalty to another individual was a common reason, as well as a belief that they could operate as a contained government within, distinct from the tweets flying out of the Oval office.

Trump's not as evil as portrayed.

In this instance, the excuse is that the President is more reasonable than his online and TV persona.

Asking one aide how they can look African American friends in the eye, after the President's response to Charlottesville, the aide gave three reasons

1. Will I have the same, incredible opportunities to make a true difference somewhere else? No.

2. If I leavewho will take my spot? Someone with my heart for making things better for ALL Americans? Maybe, maybe not. Huge value to country in good people serving right now.

3. The Presidency is bigger than the person. And the White House has expansive influence on execution of broad range of administrative authorities.

According to the New York Times, as of 25 weeks into the administration four Deputy Secretary, and 110 Undersecretary or Assistant Secretary roles in each department or agency have yet to receive a nomination.

The administration had better hope the talent it has left keeps up its resolve.

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