Journalist offers Prince Andrew $100 million to take lie detector test live on TV

Journalist offers Prince Andrew $100 million to take lie detector test live on TV

Prince Andrew has been offered an eye-watering $100 million by a journalist to take a lie detector test live on TV, but the high sum of money might have something to do with the personal line of questioning that would be in store for him.

Whilst in the hot seat, the Duke of York would have to answer some tough questions that we have all been wondering about ourselves - namely his friendship with Jeffery Epstein and sexual assault allegations made by Virginia Giuffre.

The Duke denies any wrongdoing.

If it were to take place, it would mark the first interview since the prince’s infamous 2019 BBC Panorama interview with Emily Maitlis where she asked him similar questions about the matter.

Investigative journalist, filmmaker and New York Times bestselling author Ian Halperin has made the offer to the Prince to “clear his name” by undergoing a lie detector test “with a world-leading polygraph examiner.”

Halperin has written a book about Epstein’s relationship with the prince titled: Sex, Lies and Dirty Money By The World’s Powerful Elite

He claims he was the only person to interview the late paedophile in-depth where Epstein revealed he and the prince were very close, and were like “brothers.”

Halperin told Daily Mail: “It will be a pay per view event, hopefully the biggest pay per view in history, where Andrew gets $100million for just turning up and taking the test.

“If he is as innocent as he says he is, he passes and it clears his name. It is a great way for him to vindicate himself in 45 minutes.

“So it is a win-win for him and he would be able to make a donation to victims of child sex trafficking. It would make him look great. If he is hiding nothing then he should do it.

“Nobody has ever made that amount of money for 45 minutes work. And we will provide him with hair and make-up!

“I am open-minded about the result. I leave the door open for him to clear his name. I am bypassing this ‘he says, she says’ and cutting to the chase. A polygraph test will be 99.999 percent accurate.”

Let’s just say Prince Andrew decides to take the test - whatever the outcome, polygraph tests are generally inadmissible in federal courts. But they are admissable in civil court at the discretion of the judge and so could well impact the civil proceedings Giuffre has brought against the prince.

Polygraph tests are estimated to have 87% accuracy, according to industry body The American Polygraph Association, so although they are not completely perfect, they are better than the average person’s ability to spot lies, which research suggests they can do around 55% of the time, the Conversation reported.

Earlier this month, Giuffre filed a civil suit at a federal court in New York against Prince Andrew over allegations that he sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager.

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