Today is the 60th birthday of the Duke of York (aka Prince Andrew) who has been in the news a fair bit lately.

Cast your mind back to late 2019 when Prince Andrew was embroiled in allegations relating to deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, which he denied.

A now infamous BBC Newsnight interview saw the Royal Family member claim innocence after using a trip to a Pizza Express restaurant in Woking as an alibi.

Anyway, a party that the Royal Family was planning to throw in his honour has now been cancelled – but he is now holding his own do at the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

No word on who will be attending the party, but the official Royal Family Twitter account has wished Andrew a happy birthday, which might have seemed like the right idea at the time.

We say, at 'the time' because the replies to this tweet have been littered with jokes and questions as to why they thought this tweet would have been OK to post in the first place.

Even Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew's former wife, wished him a happy birthday, which, once again, was probably not advisable.

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