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Mummys and daddys dreaming of their kids befriending the future king at his new school might be left disappointed.

Prince George arrived clutching his dad's hand at his £17k-a-year school on Thursday.

But there's allegedly a bizarre school policy that could discourage him from having a best friend once he gets over his shyness.

This is according to Loose Women's Jane Moore, who shared her inside knowledge on the show:

There's a policy that if your child is having a party - unless every child is invited - you don't give out the invites in class, which I think is quite a good thing as you don't feel excluded.

There are signs everywhere saying 'be kind' - that's the ethos of the school.

They don't encourage you to have best friends. 

It might sound cruel, but apparently the school has the kids' best interests at heart. Instead of having one "best friend" you connect with the entire group - promoting social skills.

I think that [the school] really focuses on kindness. 

It's a really big thing in that school and the pastoral care is amazing. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has said she is not sure her son "has any idea what's going to hit him" when he starts school.

Hopefully he'll have plenty of friends (who he'll all like equally, of course) to help him through.

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