Prince William just got his first Covid jab – and now people are talking about his ‘guns’

<p>Prince William’s arm has got some Twitter users a little hot under the collar</p>

Prince William’s arm has got some Twitter users a little hot under the collar


Prince William has just got his first Covid vaccination, which is good news in itself.

The Duke of Cambridge, 38, is the latest member of the royal family to publicise their decision to get jabbed, following in the footsteps of the Queen and his dad Prince Charles.

The father-of-three was snapped being given his vaccine by NHS staff at London’s Science Museum, with the image plastered across his social media accounts on Thursday.

William, who is left-handed, was pictured receiving the shot in his right arm after rolling up the sleeve of his jumper.

And while many people praised the heir to the throne for setting a good example, others fixed their attentions elsewhere…

They were far more focused on his “bulging biceps”, praising the duke for his muscular physique.

Here are just some of the admiring comments:

Earlier this year, the image of Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis being vaccinated with his shirt off went viral, with some comparing it to those photos of a bare-chested Vladimir Putin bare chested out hunting.

The vaccine programme in England is now offering jabs to people aged 36 and over while in Northern Ireland and Scotland those aged 30 and above can be inoculated.

The Department of Health and Social Care said on Wednesday that health services across the UK had administered 57.8 million vaccines, including 36.9 million people with their first dose – or 70.2 per cent of the adult population.

Meanwhile, 20.8 million people – almost two fifths (39.6 per cent) of the adult population – had received both doses.

It is understood that that the duke received whichever vaccine was available at the centre.

However, it’s not yet not known whether that was the Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna jab, or if his wife Kate, 39, has had her first dose.

The Queen and the late Prince Philip received their first vaccinations in January, while the Prince of Wales, 72, and wife Camilla, 73, got theirs the following month.

It comes more than a year after William fell ill with Covid-19, shortly after Charles tested positive last March.

The duke did not publicly confirm that he had the virus at the time, but he reportedly told a person at a later engagement: "There were important things going on and I didn’t want to worry anyone."

His contraction of the virus, in April 2020, coincided with Boris Johnson contracting the disease. He spent several days in intensive care while being treated.

Sources said William followed guidance on isolation and other official measures and that he has since made a full recovery.

All we can say is, it clearly didn’t do his arms any harm...

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