Pro-life activists are celebrating the Planned Parenthood shooting

Three people died and nine were injured when a gunman attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado on Friday night.

One police officer and two others were killed when suspect Robert Lewis Dear stormed the state-funded clinic, which helps women with abortions.

Although no motive has been confirmed, the irony of celebrating murder has been lost on some pro-lifers online.

There was a disturbing lack of sympathy for those killed.

Some people have praised the shooter for taking a stand on abortion.

Many thought that left wing media bias was the reason the shooting was being covered.

Many of the comments shared made up statistics about the number of abortion procedures at Planned Parenthood clinics in a given day or year.

And to share the patently false myth that Planned Parenthood sells or reuses the body parts of dead babies.

The shooting has also been an opportunity for racists: lots of tweets have talked about how black women are more likely to have abortions but have gone for racial stereotyping without acknowledging the underlying problems that lead to the racial disparity.

Many people who condemned Friday's killings were attacked online, and in some cases even sent pictures of dead fetuses.

But at least out of the hatred, some people took the opportunity to change the narrative:

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