This message from a pub landlord to a family and a their disabled son is incredibly heartwarming

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Saturday 30 June 2018 11:45
Picture:(Facebook/The Barrel Chapeltown)

A pub landlord has proven that good people do exist when she took to Facebook to send a truly heartwarming message to the family of a disabled customer.

A man was looking to go out with his family and he seemingly felt the need to ask for permission to bring along his disabled son to the pub with them.

Steph Tate, who owns The Barrel Chapeltown pub in Sheffield, reached out to the man saying: "Everyone is welcome in my pub".

The man in question was supposedly concerned to bring his son - who uses a wheelchair - as sometimes he makes loud noises and throws his arms about. The family have been on the receiving end of comments about this in the past.

Steph wanted to make it crystal clear that anyone and everyone is welcome in her pub. She said that anyone who made negative comments towards other customers will also be asked to leave immediately.

You can read the Facebook post here:

The full post reads:
Yesterday a parent came in and asked me if his wheelchair bound child was ok to be in the pub, I was confused why he felt he needed to ask.

This man went on to explain that his child sometimes makes loud noises and waves his arms about, people have made comments in the past when he has taken him out.

The post continues: "It broke my heart that a parent felt they needed to ask if it was ok for his child to be here just like anyone else.

"My intention is not to embarrass the parent who I spoke to yesterday, it has played on my mind all night about how this man must have felt asking me if his child would be accepted in here. It then got me thinking about how many other people must be in the same position.

"Whether you need us to get your extension leads to plug specialist equipment in, help moving tables/chairs for wheelchairs or any other help you may need, everyone is welcome in my pub and help will always be offered by all of my staff.

"If you're sat at home with a disabled child, partner or friend and feel on edge about taking them anywhere due to fear of someone making comments please feel free to bring them here. If I find anyone making negative comments or being disrespectful they will be asked to leave not you."

Well done, Steph you're a ray of light.

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