A real estate agent who had been shopping in a supermarket filmed a confrontation with a woman that culminated in her being called a racial slur and being told to “go back to Harlem.”

Nickiea Johnson, a black woman told local news in Miami, 7 News that the confrontation with the woman featured in the video began at the checkout line of a Publix shop in Bricknell.

She recalled:

I came to Publix to get some dog food, and I was actually standing in line to check out when I felt a cart bump me.

In the video, the unnamed woman can be heard denying that she “bumped” Johnson.

Johnson continued:

I turned around and I was like, ‘You know, the nice thing to do would be to say, ‘Excuse me,’ and she said, ‘For what?’ I was like, ‘Because you hit me,’ and she was like, ‘[expletive] you [expletive] n-word,’ and that was it.

At this point, Johnson began recording and asked the woman to repeat the racial slur on camera, which she eventually did.

The woman told her: “Get away from me.”

I called security and there are [sic] surveillance of you.

Then, she called Johnson a n*****, and told her to “go back to Harlem.”

“I’m not from Harlem,” the mother-of-two could be heard saying.

I’m actually from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I live in Miami, Florida, and I’ve relocated here for a better life for me and my kids.

She later uploaded the video to Instagram and captioned it: So I was in Publix and this lady crashed into me with her cart and when I asked her to say excuse me she called me a n***** 😐 let’s find out who she is.

Johnson told 7 News that she felt “insulted and humiliated,” adding that she is “praying for her and any children that she is raising with that mind set.”

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