43 of the most excited, relatable and emotional reactions to pubs reopening

43 of the most excited, relatable and emotional reactions to pubs reopening

It has been confirmed that on 4 July pubs and restaurants across England have been given permission to reopen their doors to the public once again.


This comes after Boris Johnson confirmed that the two-metre social distancing rule will be slashed to just one-metre. This rule also applies to museums, galleries, cinemas and places of worship.

The cabinet reportedly agreed on these changes after listening to advise from the prime minister's Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies on Monday evening.

Although physical barriers and safety guidelines are expected to be put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the prospect of stepping into a pub once again has got many Brits salivating at the thought of sipping their first pint in months.

(It's worth noting, however, that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland make their rules separately, so if you live there be sure to check what the latest guidance is).

Also, 4th July is a Saturday which may or may not be a good idea especially as there are some key football fixtures around those dates...

Others aren't too sure this is actually good idea as, after all, coronavirus hasn't gone anywhere and many countries that have started to reopen have experienced a second wave.

A lot of people are upset that gyms, yoga and dance studios are being left out of this stage of reopening as surely our health is more important than knocking back a few jars in a pub?

One man who will definitely be welcoming this news is Tim Martin, the Brexiteer and owner of the Wetherspoon's pub chain who was calling pubs to be reopened this month, way back in April. Despite this he still remains a deeply unpopular figure for many.

Boris Johnson went as far as to say that it's our patriotic duty to go to the pub.

Still, the biggest question is what will be the first drink you order when you step into a pub for the first time since March? We think we'll go for a peach daiquiri, you know, just to make things special.

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