Punch bag with transport minister Chris Grayling's face on it appears at King's Cross station

Frustration Station

Have you ever been stranded on a train platform in goodness knows where, waiting for a train that's getting more and more delayed, with drizzle trickling down your nose?

Right at that moment, wouldn't you have just loved to have been able to take out your frustrations on the person responsible? Well, you're in luck! Now you can.

This week, a punch punch bag emblazoned with transport minister Chris Grayling's face was spotted at King's Cross Station, allowing you to really go for it, and release all your tension post commute.

And, if the research is anything to go by, it's necessary. A recent study has shown that a quarter of British commuters experience up to three delays to their service every month. To top it off, one in five commuters suffer delays in excess of 40 minutes.

To make it worse, these delays are having knock on effects in people's private lives. Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) have admitted to taking their frustrations out on a member of rail staff, while 12 per cent have said that they've got angry at their loved ones following a particularly bad journey.

To accompany the Grayling punch bag, online casino PlayOJO, who conducted the research, also partnered with celebrity personal trainer Charlie King to create a stress-busting mini workout, allowing commuters to channel their frustrations elsewhere.

Speaking about the research, a spokesman for PlayOJO said:

With the seemingly never-ending train issues on a number of the UK’s services, time and time again, commuters are unfairly let down, and are forced to deal with delays which result in all sorts of inconveniences and frustrations, not just for the traveller, but for their friends, family and rail staff.

Although we don’t have the power to fix the problems, we wanted to team up with Charlie King in a bid to give the hardworking population of the UK a way to de-stress after a long hard commute.

Personal trainer Charlie King added:

It’s not fair that commuters have to put up with such poor-quality service, particularly when they are paying such high fares.

But in equal measures, it’s also unfair for the people around them who have to bear the brunt of the frustrations – work colleagues, friends, family members and the poor train station staff – so we hope this five step workout will help alleviate some of their stress.

Let's hope that some nice deep breathing, plus the promise of pummelling a likeness of the transport minister's face on a punchbag will be the remedy long suffering commuters need.

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