Golf. Good for the mind, body and soul.

Not so good for those who don’t like seeing giant snakes eating unsuspecting wildlife.

A routine round of golf was rudely interrupted last weekend when a giant python saw a wallaby and decided it was hungry.

Robert Willemse was playing at the Paradise Palms course in Queensland, Australia, when he heard there was a four-meter scrub python having lunch nearby.

Naturally, he went looking for it.

He said the python had gripped the wallaby and was swallowing it.

Williemse told the BBC:

Everybody was pretty surprised. It's quite an unusual thing to see.

I was only there for about five minutes, but I heard that the snake did manage to swallow the wallaby and rolled into a dry creek.

The scrub python is the longest non-venomous snake in Australia.

Let's just hope it didn't eat the wallaby whole in one.

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