QAnon Shaman’s defence lawyer says he tried to stop someone stealing muffin during Jan 6 insurrection

QAnon Shaman’s defence lawyer says he tried to stop someone stealing muffin during Jan 6 insurrection
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Albert Watkins, the lawyer to the horned helmet, American-flag waving QAnon shaman Jacob Chansley, released video footage that shows Chansley preventing a “muffin theft” as rioters stormed the Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday, Watkins filed a motion to try and get his client released from custody amid the pending trial. The video - he argued - could prove that Chansley was nice, peaceful, and could diffuse situations.

The YouTube video titled “Jake Stops Muffin Stealing” appears to show Chansley in his horned helmet saying “Hey, hey, hey,” repeatedly to a rioter entering a break room in the Capitol was apparently trying to steal the “muffin” in question.

Watkins told the Daily Mail that the video shows how peaceful his client was as he “sought to thwart a theft and support they need for those in the Capitol to be respectful of law enforcement.”

Chansley became well-known for his appearance at Capitol Hill. And as his nickname indicates, he is an alleged promoter of QAnon conspiracy theories.

Additionally, Watkins presented a 2005 high school essay written by Chansley that detailed his desire to be a “Christ, a Buddha, or a Muhammad, whichever you prefer to call it.”

The essay also suggests that Chansley chose this path because it was his “soul’s intent to get out of the illusion as well as help others get out of the illusion.”

Overall, the motion received criticism as it appears to be an attempt to portray Chansley as a “loving” and caring person who is misunderstood and was vulnerable to former President Donald Trump’s antics.

This isn’t the first time Watkin’s plan to paint Chansley in a positive light backfired.

Earlier in the month, Watkins believed that Chansley (who he says has Autism), as well as other rioters, have disabilities and are f***ing r*****ed and “short-bus people.”

Since his arrest in Arizona, Chansley is being held in federal custody on six counts, including civil disorder and violent entry in Washington, D.C.

Check out the full YouTube video below.

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