QAnon followers now want a military coup to happen in the US so Trump can be restored as president

QAnon followers now want a military coup to happen in the US so Trump can be restored as president

The QAnoncult continues to make more headlines as there are now hoping that the United States witnesses a similar military coup to what has recently happened in Myanmar and restore Donald Trump as president.

In a report by CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan from a QAnon/Trump rally in Ventura, Florida at least two people expressed their desire to see Joe Biden removed from power by the US military and Trump return to the White House following the coup.

The individuals who spoke to O’Sullivan expressed their praise for what has recently happened in Myanmar, where the Southeast Asian country’s military seized power on 1st February and arrested the nation’s civilian leader Aung Sun Sunn Kyi.

One of the women who spoke to O’Sullivan shared the same debunked claims about voter fraud that Trump supporters have been spouting for months and believed that the Biden wasn’t actually in charge as president.

She said, “This whole thing is Biden, he’s like a puppet president. The military is in charge. It’s going to be like Myanmar, what’s happening in Myanmar. The military is doing their own investigation. At the right time, they’re going to be restoring the republic with Trump as president.”

Another woman had similar thoughts on the topic and expressed a desire to see the same thing happen in the United States. She added, “What’s going on in Myanmar? The government took over and they’re redoing the election. You know why? Because the election was stolen from us!”

In addition to these revelations, O’Sullivan also asked those at the rally what they thought of the 6th January insurrection at the US Capitol Building. Unsurprisingly, many were in denial as to what happened and blamed it on the left and Communists.

In response to O’Sullivan’s report, his CNN colleague Anderson Cooper said, “There was some thought about some people leaving QAnon once Biden was election because they realized nothing they had been promised has come to pass. But like the lady in the piece, they just change what the prediction is supposed to be.”

Although some have since left the QAnon movement after nothing that had been predicted came to pass on Biden’s Inauguration Day, others seem to have fallen deeper into the conspiracy crevice and are now pinning their hopes on Trump being reinstated on 4th March as the ‘19th president’ due to a misreading of amendments passed in 1933.

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