A £50 note is being sold on eBay for £10,000

A £50 note is being sold on eBay for £10,000
Buckingham Palace: Public react to Queen Elizabeth II's death

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8 and one Brit is already making money moves by attempting to sell a £50 note for a whopping £10,000 on eBay.

King Charles III became the monarch following the Queen's death at Balmoral Castle aged 96, and one aspect of this change means that the new king's face will eventually be on our stamps and currency (though this will take a while for the new designs to come into use).

But when the new money and stamps are circulated it will probably make those with the Queen's face on them more of a rarity. As those versions are taken out of circulation, they could even become an expensive and sought-after commodity.

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One seller has eyed up this potential money-making opportunity by being one step ahead and posting a new polymer £50 note for sale with the hefty price tag of £10,000 as the starting bid, less than an hour after the Queen's death was announced.

The eBay listing reads: "£50 Note Uncirculated AA01 089063 Last Denomination Note With The Queens Face On.

"£50 Polymer Note Uncirculated AA01 089063.

"Brand New From The Bank Of England. Will come well packaged to prevent damage. Postage by Royal Mail special delivery paid for by me free of charge."

A £50 note on eBay with the Queen's face on is being listed for £10,000eBay

Those interested can submit a bid amount of their own, however, it has to either be the £10,000 starting bid or more.

If you fancy paying the five-figure price for the note then interested purchasers have eight days to submit a bid, and so far no one has entered one yet.

A £50 note of the Queen may be a collector's item in the future. But despite the seller's entrepreneurial spirit, it has been just two days since the Queen passed away and so it is unclear whether these kinds of notes will go up to the value the seller is attempting to flog it at.

Currently, it is not known when the new currency featuring the likeness of King Charles III will begin to get printed, minted and circulated and so it might not be as rare as the seller was hoping (especially if many of us decide to keep hold of the Queen's currency).

The £50 note was the latest polymer banknote to be issued "featuring Bletchley Park codebreaker and scientist Alan Turing" last year, according to Sky News, which appears to be the particular note in the eBay listing.

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