The Queen is letting Boris Johnson exercise at Buckingham Palace and people are confused

Jack Taylor/Getty Images/iStock

For many of us, the last number of weeks has been spent pacing around the garden that you share with 2 other households.

But if you’re Boris Johnson, you may be fortunate enough to exercise at Buckingham Palace, where the only person you’re sharing the grounds with might be an errant corgi.

Among other newsworthy events this week, Boris Johnson has reportedly asked the Queen if it would be possible for him to exercise out of the public eye.

According to reporting from the Evening Standard and the Telegraph, he likes running in public but is worried about doing so at the moment, both in terms of attention from the media as well as attention from members of the public. One of the reasons that he wants to exercise is also to aid in his recovery from Covid-19.

The Daily Telegraph has photos of him arriving at a side entrance to the palace in a Range Rover yesterday. Other reporting also indicates that he’s been allowed to exercise at Lambeth Palace, after being granted permission to do so by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

On Twitter, people pointed out that they were hoping everyone else in recovery from Covid-19 was able to access the Queen’s grounds too.

Others asked whether it was actually true.

Some wondered if their invitations had just gotten lost in the post, and whether they could ask the Queen for permission too.

A source told the Telegraph that the Queen has extended similar offers to previous prime ministers.

It may not be as unusual as it sounds – after all, it’s not like having one of your friends come around to your garden for a jog.

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