The Queen is set to receive a government 'bailout' and people aren't happy about it

The government has confirmed that it will top up the Queen’s income following a slump in revenue from the Crown Estate during the pandemic – and people aren’t sympathetic.

The treasury has said it will top up the Sovereign Grant in response to a decrease in value of the royal family’s property portfolio.

The value of the portfolio, which includes shops in London’s West End, has plummeted by more than £500m since coronavirus struck.

But, on social media, people weren’t particularly sympathetic.

Lord Andrew Adonis, in a series of tweets, wrote: “There is no case for a bailout this year.”

In another tweet, he wrote that he would “oppose it strongly in the House of Lords”.

Lord Adonis wasn’t the only person frustrated with the Queen getting an income top-up.

One furious Twitter user said: “This government has thrown freelancers and the self-employed under a bus, left tens of thousands struggling to feed their families and pay their rent, but the richest woman in the country gets a handout?”

Another angry Twitter user wrote: “Food banks, job losses... and this.”

Others proceeded to play on the world’s smallest violin.

One's income top-up is certainly controversial.

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