This explanation for why we need a second referendum on Question Time is perfect

Louis Staples
Friday 25 January 2019 11:00

Brexit means… Well, no one seems to agree on that, do they?

If you want proof of just how divided Britain’s politics is right now, BBC’s flagship politics show Question Time is the perfect weekly reminder.

When Brexiteers speak, the audience cheer. When Remainers speak, the audience also cheer. It’s all very confusing.

One guest to divide the audience in precisely this way was pro-Remain Observer writer Sonia Sodha, who gave an epic speech explaining why, in her view, a second referendum on Theresa May’s final Brexit deal is necessary.

She said:

We have to go back to the people. We have to put Theresa May’s deal to the people. It is the only democratic thing to do.

An important principle of democracy, is periodically, when big things change, you go back to voters. How is that anti-democratic? I just don’t see it.

While her speech gained a mixture of groans and cheers in the studio, supporters of a “people’s vote” threw their support behind her on Twitter.

But inevitably there were also those who still weren’t convinced.

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