Quiz: Can you guess EU the country based on its stereotype?

A study conducted by Pew Research Centre highlighted feelings among various EU member states about the future of the union.

In Greece for example, only a third of the population view the EU in a positive light, and rising unemployment is set to decrease that number even further.

As the question of the EU becomes increasingly publicised in Britain, and our relationship with other countries even tenser, we used Pew data looking at regional stereotypes and how it affects the way certain countries (and the union itself) are viewed, to create a quiz.

The survey used a number of markers, including how hardworking, trustworthy and corrupt countries are perceived.

How much do you think you know about Europe's countries and the stereotypes British people attach to them? Take the quiz below:

Of all the countries surveyed, Germany came out as the most trustworthy, was perceived as the most hardworking and least corrupt.

Greece ended up on the other end of the spectrum, with the majority of the eight countries surveyed naming it as the least trustworthy and least hardworking.

While the study has its shortcomings, as governance cannot be based on stereotype, it does however provide insight into the perceptions of EU countries vis-a-vis their counterparts.

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