The wealthiest countries in Europe, mapped

The wealthiest countries in Europe, mapped

Cartographer Jakub Marian has released a map showing median wealth per adult in Europe.

The data is based on analysis by Credit Suisse, published annually in their wealth report.

According to Marian, Credit Suisse measures wealth by adding the value of financial assets and non-financial assets and then subtracting debt.

The map shows the median value of this wealth, per adult by country, in American dollars.

The map was shared on his website

Topping the continent is Iceland ($445,000) Switzerland ($229,000), and, Luxembourg ($168,000).

In the UK, median wealth was $103,000 (£76,698.95 GBP).

The least wealthy places mapped by Marian were in Ukraine ($100) and Belarus ($900).

As noted, the countries with less wealth were also ones with data that Marian dubbed to be 'poor quality'.

For international comparisons beyond the old world, Marian lists:

  • Japan ($124,000)
  • USA ($56,000)
  • China ($6700)
  • Brazil ($4600)
  • India ($1300)

Credit Suisse's report measures wealth, as opposed to purchasing power or disposable income.

As baby boomers will tell you, that massive house they have in Notting Hill is actually 'tied up' in an asset, so they're actually just as cash-strapped as millennials.

Prior to creating this map, Marian also created maps for disposable income (2013) and purchasing power in Europe (2016).

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