Two photos to show to anyone who says America doesn't have a race problem

A 23-year-old man arrested by Police in Baton Rogue, Louisiana has been accused of killing two black men in a what authorities suspect could be a racially motivated crime.

An anonymous law enforcement official told The AP that when police searched Kenneth Gleason's home following his arrest they discovered a copy an Adolf Hitler speech, and DNA on shell casings and other evidence linked to the crime.

The shootings of Bruce Cofield and father of three Donald Smart occurred around five miles from each other - Smart was shot while walking to his café workplace.

Baton Rouge Sergeant L’Jean Mckneely told TheAP that a car belonging to Gleason fit the description of the vehicle police were looking for.

He explained to the press that both men were "ambushed," adding:

There is a strong possibility that it could be racially motivated.

Gleason's attorney has said his client “vehemently denies guilt, and we look forward to complete vindication".

While Gleason's neighbour, Nancy Reynolds, told the press:

He looks like any clean-cut American kid.

It's hard to believe this sort of thing is still happening.

The NY Post then ran a headline on this quote:

People have taken issue with the above headline on the basis of the additional evidence published by The Associated Press:

Many have been critical of the New York Post headline on social media since the events unfolded:

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