Racist man has Popeyes chicken sandwich stolen after being beaten up for shouting N-word at customer

Getty Images/Twitter

A white man who repeatedly shouted the “N-word” in the face of a black customer at Popeyes was forced to apologise after being beaten up outside the fast food chain.

In a video of the incident, the man is seen racially abusing a customer as he waits for food before storming out of the building.

The footage then cuts to outside the store where the man was beaten up and apparently had his chicken sandwich taken from him.

You can watch the video below – although warning: it contains offensive racist language.

Popeyes recently announced the return of its spicy chicken sandwich – which went viral on social media in August 2019 after prompting public hysteria.

The sandwich - a fried chicken patty on a brioche bun with several pickles and mayonnaise - returned to much fanfare on 3 November.

It has apparently lost none of its ability to make people lose their minds, with reports of fights and one person being stabbed to death over arguments linked to the sandwich.

However, the sandwich failed to impress Justin Bieber – who told his Instagram followers on Thursday that it was “good but it’s not worth the hype”.

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