Business owner accused of accidentally sending message with racial slur to customer it's about

Race relations in the US have definitely been under strain in recent months, with racist incidents being reported consistently and going viral on social media

In the latest, a white business owner has been accused of texting a racial slur to a Black customer in a message that appears to have been meant for someone else.

In a series of Instagram stories, Twitter user @_juju.b__ has posted screenshots of the alleged message exchange between their mother and the owner of Scott Francis Massotherapy.

The messages infer that the customer was running late so texted Francis to say:

Hey I’m on my way.

In the response from Francis, that seems as though it was wrongly sent to the customer, it appears to show him using the N-word, writing: “Ok she texted me and said she is on her way damn n*****s.

A screen recording of the Instagram stories was shared on Twitter by user @DHill515, who wrote:

This really is sick and the country we live in smh.

The stories show video footage of the offended customer confronting the business owner, who can be seen feebly attempting to explain his abhorrent use of the racial slur.

In the video the man says: “I am not racist, but the thing of it is I’ve had a lot of Black women calling and not coming, coming late, not coming at all. This is the way I make my living and it was upsetting.”

But the customer – a Black woman – explains to the man that he’s absolutely racist and that it’s completely unacceptable to use racist language, no matter the situation, saying:

So because you have a lot of Black women doing this you felt like that was appropriate? So you think it’s fair that I spend my money with you? And you’re clearly racist because you texted me this saying ‘damn n*****s.’

In reply, he offered an apology, but the lady explains that she will be sharing their exchange and that is exactly what happened.

One Twitter user wrote: “‘This is the way I make my living’ No sir not anymore.”

Right now it feels like its the case of another day, another deeply disturbing racist incident.

And people are rightly getting sick of it.

indy100 attempted to reach Francis for comment.

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