White students call for black people to be 'lynched' in shocking racist rant

A shocking video of two high school students using the N-word repeatedly and calling for all black people to be “lynched” in a racist rant, has gone viral.

In the 44-second Snapchat video, the young men, who have since been identified as students attending Northwest Guilford High School in Greensborro, North Carolina, are shirtless and take turns spewing hateful words targeting African-Americans and suggesting that they should be returned to a state of slavery.

The vile rant begins with one of them shouting:

All these fu***ing n****s dude, they’re all f***ing annoying. I think we should just f***ing lynch them all, man.

The other, who shoves his hands into the front of his trousers, then responds by saying:

Send them to the back of the motherf***ing bus, put them bitches back in the field and teach them a f****ing lesson

But that is not all, as they both continue by expressing their fears that African-Americans would one day steal their wives, jobs and food stamps.

They then begin calling black people “hypocritical” for preaching religion while also listening to rap music:

They be riding Tupac’s d*** harder than they’d be riding Jesus’ d***, then they wanna come out here preaching on us when they’re just acting like a bunch of hoodrat n****s

In a terrifying move, the other boy looks directly at the camera and shouts:

So come at me, n****s, cause I’m gonna put you back on the field, you plow motherf***ers

Accumulating around 3,200 views as of Tuesday, the video also caught the attention of the Guilford County Schools.

“Guilford County Schools does not tolerate racist behaviour,” they said in a brief statement on Twitter.

“Appropriate action has been taken to discipline the students involved. We’re working to reinforce our districts core values, which include diversity and equity, as well as empathy and integrity.”

A parent at the school, who spoke to Spectrum News, expressed their fear, saying:

"I do feel that my daughter, as well as other students, could be unsafe. She has raised safety concerns.”

The chief of schools, Tony Watlingon, who called the video "hateful" also said: "We’re working closely with our diversity office and National Conference for Community and Justice to provide training for both staff and students so we can make sure all of our campus is a place people can feel comfortable and inclusive and that are harassment and discrimination free."

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